Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Venue Huntin' Part Two

After I left the Mondrian, it was time for me to skeedaddle quickly to Firesky Resort.

I was very excited to see this place because the online photos were gorgeous. And so it was in person, too.

Exhibit A.

What you can or can't tell is it's also pretty small. And anyone at the pool can see you getting married. That's not so bad. But it was the ballroom and contact that made this a no for me. The ballroom didn't reflect the rest of the hotel. I'll elaborate. The hotel lobby is full of funky furniture like zebra ottomans. It's fun in the lobby. The ballroom is dark and drab.

And the contact. Hmm. I got word before meeting with her that the normal contact (a person with glowing reviews) was leaving so I was meeting with a catering manager. No problem. Well, she turned out to be very dry. VERY DRY. It was work just to talk with her.

Next up is a brand new venue located on downtown Mesa. I'm not from the area so I had no idea downtown Mesa had some questionable spots. This venue was located in one of them. It's called Tre Bella. And it's cute.

Exhibit A.

The bad news is the parking lot. I wouldn't park my car there or trust a valet to park it there either. It was an eyesore. And the ceremony and reception rooms are not connected. And to get to either one, guests enter from the back of the building. The back of the building houses all the other buisnesses' dumpsters and the caterer will be using the back too. And the best part is at least you can check in on your car when we switch rooms because that's what you see, too, the parking lot.

Thank goodness I was finished for the day and it was time for lunch.

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littlebrownie said...

Ok, do people not think of details such as an entrance or a parking lot when they build venues for events like weddings??? wtf?? I still say Vegas.