Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Venue Huntin'

Both of our families live in Phoenix. So we thought we may as well have it there.

Note, my family is not from Phoenix, they just live there and when I say family, I mean my mom and my younger brother. All other fam on my side live in Florida and New York City.

His family is just as spread out with the bulk of them living in Phoenix.

In an effort not to make the important people in our lives travel far or travel at all - I gave Phoenix a chance...

Venue #1
The Mondrian Hotel

Let me preface - this was the very first place I visited.

I LOVE the Mondrian.

Exhibit A.

The Gathering. This is a pre-function/sorta hallway. Off to the sides are several meeting rooms behind curtained walls. People use the pre-function area as their function area. All the lounge furniture you see here, comes with! And a dance floor and lanterns and faux orchids in potted plants.

Exhibit B.

The Mondrian's contact. We clicked right away. She was super busy with all the NBA All Star activity happening in the hotel but she still made sure all my emails and questions were answered, same day. Now, in the wedding industry that is unbelievable. Same day contact! LOVE.

She was one of my two very favorite contacts out of too many too count. The downer of the Mondrian was price and bankruptcy rumors.

So, moving on...


A said...

Bankruptcy rumors? What a bummer! That room is gorgeous.

littlebrownie said...

Boo on the bankruptcy rumors!

Bev said...

Not a bad space. Did you ask your contact about the bankruptcy rumors?

Alex said...

I love the louge furniture - great vibe. The bankruptcy rumor is a bummer. A lot of brides in Houston lost their deposits when a venue went out of business - not to mention didn't have a place for their wedding!