Thursday, February 26, 2009

Venue Huntin' Part Three

This day I was so very excited. You see I was always looking for a loft/gallery space for our wedding. I wanted something empty and industrial looking that we could do whatever in terms of decor to make the space our own. This type of space is very hard to find in Phoenix - land of the golf and spa resorts.

After all my googling, I found such a place. Google is my new BFF. No doubt. I get a kick whenever it gives me new venues that I hadn't seen before.

I found Inspirador.

It's website and photos didn't give it much justice but I was in town for two weeks, what else did I have to do but look at venues?!? Off I went to downtown Chandler - which is a town southwest of Phoenix.

I liked the contact. I liked the outdoor courtyard. But with our small guest list of only 65 invited people, the site was way too large. I don't want to feel like mice in a large room. And on top of that, their pricing was the scariest thing I'd seen yet. It just wouldn't do for our small intimate wedding.