Friday, February 27, 2009

Venue Huntin': Nearing the End of the Road

Seriously. I saw a lot. The next one up, is something special as I thought nothing could beat out the Mondrian. And I mean nothing. Until - Angelic Grove.

Angelic Grove is a floral/event design company in Phoenix. It's run by a husband and wife team. They rent out their showroom for small, intimate events. Perf!

It looks like an industrial loft. Perf!

It's downtown. Even better - even though I'm the only one that thought that was a plus. You see, my mom lives half an hour from downtown and when we were driving back home from Angelic Grove, she made sure to make every comment she could about how far away it is. This is what I deal with constantly.

And I loved the owner. Can you tell, I have a thing for contacts. Either love 'em or not. I truly feel that they are half of what sells a place to me. If they can't talk it up like they love it too, I just can't fall myself. If they aren't enthusiastic about it, how can I be?

Angelic Grove had no negatives. Not one. After, I saw this place, I was sold. Done!

Buuuuut - my mother kept making her comments and we moved on, "just to check it out" to The Castle of Ashley Manor...

A castle, you say? Ya. I'm not a castle girly but I gave it a chance.

I only have pictures of the gardens because guess what? That's all I liked. The gardens. The Castle has a set up where ceremony happens outdoors and reception indoors. I asked and no one has ever had their reception outside, ever. But, it's so much prettier...

I asked again and I would have to pay the full price to only use half the facility.

And then I ate, again.

I kid you, not.


Bev said...

Who cares what mom says about the distance? It's your day, especially if you couldn't find one negative about the place.

Maybe no one has receptions outside the castle 'cause it's so hot in PHX??? Maybe?

kilee said...

I looooove In-N-Out Burger!! I feel your plan. Its your day. Do what you want. I am!


A said...

Half an hour is too far??? She's lucky you don't make her fly out to Dallas. WTH?

Even *I* am going to have to drive over an hour to my own wedding location. ;)

Jennifer said...

1. It is a half an hour to anywhere in Phoenix, AT least.

2. If I didn't have In-N-Out within my own city I would go nuts seeing those pics.

3. Have I told you today how aewsome you are?

Bsquared Bride said...

1. I know! And my mom lives in BFE Gilbert.

2. I go nuts everyday since we don't have any in Dallas and then just now I gave up fast food (again) for Lent :(

3. You are so sweet, thanks!!